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WECON'19: The Power of Khudi - Unleashing Potential

Inspiring Self-Recognition, Self-Belief, and Self-Determination

WECON’19, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, took place in April 2019 at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel. This was the event’s third iteration. Participants in the conference included significant personalities from Pakistan’s academic community, business community, media, and media community. There were a lot of ambitious female entrepreneurs and startup companies present, all of whom reaped the benefits of the event’s networking possibilities as well as the program’s motivating speeches and insightful conversations on the topic of female entrepreneurship. The “Khudi” philosophy was brought to the forefront during this event, and female business owners were inspired to realise their full potential. 


The culmination of the conference was the creation of the WECON Movement, which seeks to empower 25,000 women in business by the year 2025 through initiatives such as the WECON Tribe and the WECON Portal. These initiatives provide assistance, networking opportunities, and market access to female entrepreneurs. The conference highlighted the difficulties Pakistan’s entrepreneurial landscape confronts and suggested remedies that encourage gender equality and nurture a supportive ecosystem.




Power of Khudi

A panel discussion was held to explore how self-belief empowers women and defies patriarchal conventions. Recommendations included stepping outside of comfort zones, accepting constructive criticism, and conquering self-doubt.

Fireside Chat

Nicole Waheed of Loafology Bakery & Café discussed launching a business in a new country, emphasising the importance of taking action, pursuing mentorship, and maintaining one’s vision.

Wonder Women

The inspiring journeys of extraordinary businesswomen were celebrated, highlighting perseverance, women’s workforce participation, and gender equality.


Keynote Speakers presented compelling lectures on a variety of issues relevant to Women Entrepreneurship Keynote speakers presented compelling lectures on a variety of issues relevant to women’s entrepreneurship including Islamic viewpoints, self-discovery, experimentation, and the idea of “Khudi.” They highlighted the abilities of Pakistani women as well as their positive impact on their communities.

WECON'19 Awards

The conference honoured outstanding female entrepreneurs in various categories:

The WECON Conferences have grown into a significant platform for recognising women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, offering opportunities for networking, inspiration, and empowerment. This gathering places a spotlight on the achievements of businesswomen and provides strategies to advance gender parity and create a thriving environment for female entrepreneurs.