— Annual Conference

WECON'18: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The 2018 edition of the prestigious WECON conference, which aimed to encourage and celebrate women business owners, took place from October 15th to 17th. WECON’18 brought together industry executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and specialists from various disciplines. The conference was an excellent opportunity for networking, education, and inspiration.

Day 1: Networking & Presentations

The conference began with an energising networking session, which fostered connections between like-minded individuals and enabled the formation of beneficial relationships. Entrepreneurs from various backgrounds engaged in lively discussions with one another and exchanged their experiences, resulting in an atmosphere overflowing with energy.


After the informal networking break, attendees were treated to a series of thought-provoking keynote presentations at WECON’18. Respected speakers including Jane Doe, creator of a thriving tech business, and Dr Sarah Johnson, a world-renowned specialist in entrepreneurship, presented engaging talks on a range of interesting themes. Their insights encompassed overcoming obstacles, embracing diversity, and utilising tech to drive company growth.



Day 2: Workshops and Panel Discussions

The second day of WECON’18 was devoted to engaging in panel discussions and interactive seminars. Participants were able to attend sessions focusing on specific aspects of entrepreneurship, such as finance, marketing, and leadership. These sessions, conducted by experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals, provided actionable strategies and advice.


One particularly useful session was titled “Navigating Funding Challenges,” and it provided attendees with information and advice on how to find and get finance for their businesses. In a panel discussion titled “Building Resilience in the Face of Adversity,” successful female entrepreneurs shared their personal experiences of overcoming obstacles and sustaining mental health while pursuing their objectives.



Day 3: Finale and Pitch Competitions

The final day of WECON’18 was filled with enthusiasm as participants competed in proposal competitions to demonstrate their entrepreneurial prowess. This highly anticipated event gave aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business concepts to an esteemed council of experts and potential investors. Various sustainable fashion projects and cutting-edge technological solutions were presented throughout the pitches, showcasing the extraordinary range of talent and innovation present among women entrepreneurs.


The conference concluded with a remarkable closing ceremony during which the winners and runners-up of the pitch competitions were announced. This auspicious occasion honoured not only individual accomplishments but also the immense potential and influence of businesses led by women. At the end of the meeting, the electrifying atmosphere left people feeling inspired and driven to keep going on their entrepreneurial paths.




WECON 2018 provided women entrepreneurs with an abundance of information and motivation.

Here are several significant insights from the conference:

WECON’18 was a unique event that provided a wonderful environment for growth and inspiration, empowering women entrepreneurs. From intriguing keynote sessions to participatory discussions and exhilarating pitch contests, the conference left attendees with a lasting impression. Knowledge, connections, and inspiration garnered at WECON’18 is certain to fuel the long-term success of women-owned enterprises.