what is wecon

What is WECON?

Empowering women is the way towards the development of a country, as no country can afford to lose out on the contributions of half of its population. Pakistan is proud to have iconic women in almost every strata of society, but when you come to think of it there are still too few. The challenge seems to be in creating a level playing field, equal opportunities for men and women and a systematic approach to support and encourage women to succeed.

Women empowerment is an essential when we talk about economic development. It is both sad and surprising that even today in terms of women empowerment, Pakistan lies far behind other countries, even those in the same geographic area.

So what needs to be done and how? This is where WECON and You come in. At WECON we believe that women have a unique perspective of life, they look at the world differently and can come up with unique solutions to solve our entrenched and seemingly formidable problems and what’s even more important is the fact that women possess tremendous talent.

We believe need of the hour is to nurture and inspire our future generation of women entrepreneurs, create a platform that celebrates our iconic women entrepreneurs and also where networks can be cultivated and collaborations take place. It is a Movement designed to empower our female entrepreneurs by linking their tremendous potential with the exciting opportunities through the WECON Tribe.The movement is a call to action to all ecosystem supporters and ecosystem builders to come together to enable and empower and unleash the latent potential of female entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Why you should be a part of the WECON Movement and how can you contribute?

WECON is a catalyst that is bringing solutions for various problems associated with women entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general. So if you are a startup at its initial stages, WECON has a lot to offer you!

  • To begin with, we are creating awareness about women empowerment with the help of different universities and chamber of commerce.
  • If you have a business idea but don’t know how to go about it, WECON is here to help you build your business model and your marketing strategy!
  •  If you need guidance and want to build links, WECON is doing monthly city level meetups where experienced entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and startups come together to support each other.
  • For capacity building we are providing training, workshops and acceleration programs to build networks.
  • We are organizing a chain of nationwide programs and activities that will take place throughout the year. Among these, WECON Conference is our flagship event that takes place annually. It has proved to be a great platform for people to connect with inspiring female icons, to learn about new opportunities and connect with networks.
  •  Now the finest part of WECON; The “WECON Tribe!’; most eventful tribe of Pakistan. It is the one platform where who’s who of women leaders, entrepreneurs and support organizations come together. Members of the Tribe will have access to our newsletters, events, mentors, and online content that we will be creating to help young entrepreneurs for understanding the realm of business from the convenience of their homes. This content will be targeted at teaching marketing and building business models. WECON Tribe is not only an online community, it is a platform for experts and startups to connect and share their knowledge and services; a place where we help each other grow!

The Movement is not only helping startups and potential entrepreneurs, but also the already established businesses and organizations by exposing them to new opportunities where they can showcase their services. Many iconic female entrepreneurs have joined the WECON stage in the past to inspire and motivate aspiring women entrepreneurs.

It is a distinguished platform for Policy Makers and those in the Development Sector to come together and collaborate with each other. It is where like-minded people sit together to network and learn from each other’s experiences, and also gives them a chance to give back to the society by guiding the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs.

So let’s get together, let’s join the tribe. Empower women, empower nation!

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