Abey KHAO is a small cafe in Islamabad which aims to break the communication barriers between Deaf and Hearing communities by promoting Sign Language.

One of the founders of Abey Khao is specially abled and the whole staff at the café belongs to deaf community. Abey Khao is not just a café which serves with great food but also a story of differently abled young entrepreneurs. The disability did not become a hindrance rather a driving force.They have a unique menu and the message they are trying to deliver is what sets them unique.

Abey KHAO! started merely in the form of a pushcart in July 2016. Unfortunately, they had to close the business due to the restriction imposed by government on push carts. Their business remained closed for 6 months but it did not make them lose hope. They came back with a higher energy and dedication and opened a small shop in I-8 Markaz. Despite being located at a very ordinary location, the startup was featured by BBC World.

WECON aims to celebrate and provide a platform to the young entrepreneurs and help them explore their true potential. In this journey of bringing together the great entrepreneurs and the key stake holders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Abey Khao was also given a chance to showcase their items at WECON’19. They presented their signature Milkshakes to speakers and guests. The idea behind Abey Khao was greatly acknowledged by everyone at the conference.


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