WECON, 13th April 2019 was a day which brought all the key players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. It was a day to celebrate the iconic women entrepreneurs and we all gathered together to celebrate, inspire and motivate each other. It was a platform to create an enabling environment for the women entrepreneurs we have in our country.

WECON Stage not only had the amazing speakers and segments but also at the same time gave a chance to the women entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

A very thrilling Fireside Chat with Nicole Waheed, founder of Loafology Bakery and Café, was carried out which was moderated by Shumaisa Rehman (Anchor, PTV News). This casual but interesting chat gave insights on how challenging it was for Nicole to run her own business in a different cultural setting in Pakistan despite coming from a different culture and society. How to make your mark in a different cultural setting and understanding your target market is not an easy task and one can learn a lot from Nicole.

The unique and captivating furniture pieces that lighted up the stage for Fireside Chat were by Particles by Zehra. The chairs, coffee table and the lamp were from their unique collection. Particles is an interdisciplinary firm doing Architecture, Interior, Product and Graphic design works.

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