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Women Entrepreneurship Conference (WECON) has faith in fortifying women so they can step up and contribute in the economic development of Pakistan, through an enabling environment and empowering domain. To encourage women entrepreneurs, it stands up to cater through support system mechanics. Theme for the second WECON is INCLUSION i.e. including women in economic development. The whole day conference will facilitate learning and in depth analysis, around creating inclusive environment for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs.


  • To establish an annual platform promoting, engaging and supporting the female entrepreneurs of Pakistan

  • Building a viable and sustainable ecosystem, mentor network and marketplace

  • Encouraging participation of young females from higher education institutions in entrepreneurial activities.

  • Celebrating and learning from iconic women entrepreneurs

31st March



Speakers & Panelists

Key Activities

Breakout Sessions

This is a unique opportunity to learn in a 1 hour in depth intensive workshop from leading domain experts In the field. Quality content and great learning in an experiential format. Breakout sessions will be:
1. Story Telling
2. Design Thinking
3. Competencies of a Successful Entrepreneur
4. Business Modeling

Fireside Chat

Ayesha Hamid is a legendary woman entrepreneur who has launched businesses in multiple domains. Her credits include being the first female to establish a ginning factory in Punjab, she's also an educationist and manages a school system. She is a leading mentor and advisor providing invaluable advice to hundreds of mentees. Join us to learn and ask questions from this amazing lady.

Investment Opportunities

The biggest dilemma of a startup especially in its initial stages is how to get funded. Money is a really scarce resource for startups in the bootstrap mode. We bring you an exceptional panel of investors and experts from some of the leading firms to demystify the funding process and also educate on how to write the perfect funding application.

Keynote Addresses

One of the highlights of the WECON conference is its keynote addresses, iconic entrepreneurs and social activists share deeply insightful wisdom that can be truly transformational. Our first keynote at WECON is from Ms.Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat an educationist, entrepreneur, mentor and icon of the women entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our second keynote Dr. Amjad Saqib also needs no introduction, starting from just a resolve to help suffering humanity, he helped build one of the largest philanthropist organizations of Pakistan.

Networking Opportunity

WECON’18 definitely provides a fabulous networking opportunity for everyone. If you are a student, startup, aspiring entrepreneur, an established entrepreneur or part of an organization that supports entrepreneurship, this is your opportunity to meet likeminded people and build networks of change. We have found during our previous conferences that networking at our events is considered to be one of the most valuable takeaways of attending the conference.

Panel Discussion: Inclusion: Privilege, Right or Necessity?

The theme of inclusion goes beyond the basic discussion of the hardships that women entrepreneurs face, this discussion examines the mindset and perceptual challenges as well as benefits that an Inclusion based approach will bring. We want this to be different from the generalised discussions that we usually see at conferences, which is why we have picked a very eminent and distinguished group of panelists including Ms. Neelam Azmat, Ms. Salwa Akhtar, Ms. Farzana Yaqoob, Ms. Marium Mohiuddin and moderated by Ms. Sumera Abbasi.

Wonder Women

We are sure you have heard of super woman, our wonder women are actually a step higher. WECON’18 will present a number of fabulous, accomplished women who are breaking the stereotypes and showing how change can be accomplished. From Shameem, our very own special Rikshaw Rani not only driving a rikshaw herself but also training others to Shanze pioneering changes in the world of paint to Shameelah Ismail transforming the beauty industry by bringing the parlor to your home…… our wonder women are definitely changing the world.

WECON Startup Pitch Session

We present to you 4 amazing female led startups selected out of numerous entries that we were sent. This is an opportunity for the startups as well as the audience to learn from leading industry experts about the critical factors for startup success. A not to be missed session.

WECON Awards

From WECON’18 we are starting a new tradition of recognizing exceptional women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our awards this year are honoring the:
1. Most Promising Female-Led Startup Award
2. Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award
3. Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year Award
4. Women Supporting Women of the Year Award.

Launch of WEI (Women Entrepreneurship Index)

A comprehensive annual research on the state of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. WEI would be launched as initiative during the conference while the research would be published in WECON’19.

WECON'18 Awards

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Nominations must be for a woman-owned or woman working in business in the region.
  • Must show evidence of determination and drive.
  • Demonstrate a great business idea or acumen.
  • Show a thorough understanding of their marketplace (market research).
  • Provide financial data for the last year.
  • Provide at least two references.

Most Promising Female-Led Startup Award
Female Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Female Micro entrepreneur of the Year Award
Women Supporting Women Award of The Year

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